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Important information regarding batteries

The LapMonitor does not have a switch to switch it off. It goes automaticly in standby when the race or the practice is finished.

Unfortunatly  sometimes the LapMonitor keep staying on. We are currently investigating this issue 

We will provide a firmware update that will solve it and that will also indicate on the smartphone a low battery level. In the meantime we advise you to remove the battery after your day driving session (may be keep a spare charged battery when you're going to the track to not be stuck)

When battery level is low, lap detection does not work properly and you may have missed lap or no lap detection at all

Transponder ID for black model

How to change default transponder number

Quick start guide

Application Android

Here is a video (please enable the subtitles) that shows the following steps:

  • Application install
  • Add driver
  • Connect your phone to the LapMonitor
  • Enable lap time announcement
  • Data export

Android app race configuration and settings guide:

Share results to others drivers

Application Iphone/Ipad


Here is a video that shows the following steps:

  • Connect your phone to the LapMonitor

  • Edit driver

  • Start race


  • Speech synthesis (lap time announcement, rank announcement ....) may stop working when phone screen is locked or when LapMonitor application is not displayed. We recommend to keep LapMonitor app displayed to avoid this problem
  • When speech synthesis has stopped working, please restart of app solve the problem

Getting started video

LapMonitor installation

LapMonitor must be installed on the side of the track.

To get the best car detection we recommend to put LapMonitor not facing the sun

If not possible and if needed you can improve the sensitivity using a helmet 

LapMonitor sun

Transponder installation 

The transponder LED must be directed to the direction of the LapMonitor side (not to the front of the car)

Bluetooth speakers/headset

When using Bluetooth speaker, begin of each announcement may be missing, we're working on this issue. To get complete announcement, there are two temporary workarounds:

  • playback built-in LapMonitor App music (IOS only) or your own music while run LapMonitor App
  • connect the speaker using a wireless cable

Mysterious pin 

Firmware update pin

This pin will be used to start LapMonitor software update when it is available .

Don't loose it