race config

Session type

    • Qualifying: session, start after the countdown, the start time of each car is individual and is its first pass in front of lap monitor
    • Practice: same as Qualifying, only difference is that session starts when first car passes the LapMonitor
    • Race: session start after countdown, the start time is the tone/klaxoon at the end of the countdown
  • Duration: main duration of the session in minutes or laps
  • Last lap grace time: time to finish the last lap after main duration has expired
  • Countdown: duration before session start after pressing start (for Race and Qualifying mode)
  • Best lap: Threshold for best lap announcement, not best lap announcement if lap time is above this settings
  • Track length Length: used to compute average speed
  • Race info: Store any user info, such setup info, track condition or any keyword usefull for searching in session history
  • Pacemaker: When enabled the application announces the gap between your current time and the target pace every lap instead of announcing the lap times
  • Target lap time: Define the average  speed you want to reach
  • Forecast Forecast: is computed based on session duration and target lap time

LapMonitor Android app general settings

  • Live session: when enabled, just share your laptimes in real time to your friends by providing this link
  • Sound: enable/Disable all announcements and sounds
  • Race Start sound: John = countdown, Mario = Mario kart style race start
  • Speech: disable or enable all speech announcements
  • Announce laps: announce lap times when car passing the LapMonitor
  • Announce name: announce name before lap time
  • Announce leader change: enable lead change announcement
  • Rank announcement interval: interval between 2 rank announcements
  • Speed unit: Km/h  or mph speed information