Transponder (JR)
  • Transponder (JR)
  • Transponder (JR)

Transponder (JR/Futaba connector)


Transponder with connector JR/Futaba/receiver plug

15cm JR male/female extension included

NEW: Transponder ID (identifier number) can be changed by the user


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Transponder specifications 

  • IR range: 5-10 meters
  • Power supply: 3.7-9v  
  • For JR/Futaba/receiver  plug

There are in total 96 different identifier number  (ID from 1 to 96).

NEW: User can now change the ID at anytime among 10 values  (only transponders shipped since 1st November 2022)

For exemple if you receive number 35, you can change from number 35 up to 44 whenever you want

Please read our FAQ in you need information to choose your transponder connector type