What are LapMonitor prices for my country ?

For shipping outside Europe zone:
- LapMonitor club starting kit: €70 (USD84)
- Transponder: €29.17  (USD35)

We recommend you to select payment in € to get the cheapest cost

For shipping inside Europe zone:
- LapMonitor club starting kit: €84
- Transponder: €35

Price difference between inside and outside Europe is French VAT tax that is not due for sales outside Europe
If you cannot see the correct price please register and set your delivery address. You should see the correct price for your country

Free application Links

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How it works ?


Does the LapMonitor support multiple cars passing side by side ?

Yes it works, here are videos that shows car passing side by side:




What is the difference between LapMonitor Club starting kit and Training kit ?

All LapMonitor are identical. The only difference is that LapMonitor training kit includes a transponder and Club starting kit doesn't

What is the difference between Molex and JR transponder ?

Molex and JR transponder types are identical except the connector 

Which connector type should I choose for my transponder ?

The transponder with JR connector can be powered directly by your receiver

The transponder with the Molex connector can be powered by 

  • a 1S/2S LiPo battery with 2 PIN Molex 51005 connector
  • your car/motorbike receiver using the Molex to JR adapter
For 1:8 IC, we recommend  the transponder with Molex connector that very versatile and fast to install on the car body 

Transponder installations examples






Example of compatible batteries for transponders with molex connector

Clic here to get some compatible batteries for transponders with molex connector