How it works 

The PC lap counting application is not directly connected to the LapMonitor

An application called LapGw does the application gateway, it connects the LapMonitor with bluetooth and 

send all the lap detection to the race management software (Zround/Livetime/Everlaps/Myrcm for exemple) 

Video with step by step to configure PC

Steps list

  • 0) Launch the gateway
  • 1) On the gateway click bluetooth scan
  • 2) When scan is completed select the LapMonitor and click connect
  • 3) Run the race application server
  • 4) Launch the pc race application (Zround, Everlaps, LiveTime or Myrcm ...)
  • 5) configure the decoder to AMB P3 and address and port 5403
  • 6) launch the practice/race

Gateway download link

MD5SUM: 1464962d4611e2c99336f7d7eace8e76

PC software application

Zround is Free, Everlaps and Myrcm have a light free version and Livetiime have no free version but a full feature free trial period

Zround can be downloded using this link:

Zround user Manual:


Link (use Edge or other browser if chrome doesn't work):




There is a free trial period

Then it requires STANDARD subscription as protocol to use is AMB/Mylaps