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Feedback left by Glen Gregorio on RCTECH

LapMonitor is awesome ....


LapMonitor is awesome

Purchased a lap monitor and this thing is awesome. It's similar to the old Orion transponder system because it registers lap times, but this thing is updated to 2017 specs that allow audio via Bluetooth and the ability to view lap times like the AMB system from your phone. Audio through my phone was okay since my buddies were relaying the lap times, but it might be best to use headphones for nitro. 

This is probably one of the best driving accessories out there if you want to change your lines and know if that approach was faster or not. It's also good to know how consistent you are and figure out the limit of your setup and find out what happens to your time if you push too much. 

Setup was pretty simple, I have it connected to my android phone and so far no issues. When we tested it at HotRod Hobbies, I had the lapmonitor approx up to 4 ft from the transponder and it registered each time. You can power the transponder through your receiver or from an external power source. For my first outing, I used an external battery and cut out a piece of carbon fiber so I have a base that is velcroed to the window. If you create a mounting base, I suggest using double sided tape on the battery opposed to velcro since it was dangling after every other run or so. 

That being said, wish I had this in my early days of RC. 

Link: https://www.rctech.net/forum/radio-electronics/989450-lapmonitor-lap-timer.html#post14946964


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